About The Chimera

The cast of The Chimera met in the late 90s at Bard College, a liberal arts college in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, best known as the intermittent resting place of the red-haired lady from the X-Men. There they began a game of Aberrant–White Wolf’s underappreciated superhero RPG–which would carry on for years, eventually encompassing over a dozen players, a half-dozen sub-campaigns, and several questionably-compatible systems.

Our theme music is “Hoof, Heart and Hiss” by Matt Weber


Our theme for Gallows Hill is “Down Among the Dead Men” (trad.)

performed by Emily Peterson, Dirk Tiede, and Adrienne Howard.

Cast & Crew

Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson

Roles: Theron, GM (Misplaced, House of Black Lanterns, Gallows Hill)

Kelly is a dad. He’s been playing roleplaying games since before his own dad bequeathed him a stack of AD&D books, an original D&D box set, and a copy of Chainmail. He doesn’t write games professionally because if he did, the amount of time and thought he devotes to them would officially qualify as dysfunctional. Kelly is also a Unitarian Universalist minister, but please try not to hold that against him.

Reverend Kelly Weisman Asprooth-Jackson



Jeffrey Bard

Roles: Ra’lethe, Sarsemion, Pix, “Coach”

Jeff has been a game designer his entire life, and is currently helming the next gen MMO,  Ashes of Creation. He’s also the dad to an awesome toddler, and hopes to pass down his love for games, kung fu, and cyberpunk to her. Jeff has no spare time, but if he did, he’d probably use it to run the next season of The Chimera.

Ashes of Creation


Ethan Bremner

Roles: Mother Machree

Theorizing that one could split his life between his job as a secretary, his career as an opera/classical singer, and his desire to screw off and play games with his friends.  Ethan Bremner stepped into the quantum leap accelerator… and vanished.
He awoke to find himself reveling in the past, inking himself with tattoos of his former games, leaping from game to gig, striving to find the balance where once was way too much work… and hoping each time that his next leap would be to a roleplaying podcast with his friends.



Josh Hall-Bachner

(technical support)

Roles: Ashlar, GM (The Old Bones)

Josh is many things: an inveterate PC-tormenter, generally irascible fellow and a secret cephalopod perfectly normal human dad. When not inhabiting the worlds of The Chimera or dwelling in a pineapple under the sea, he’s usually busy keeping the internet safe from cybercriminals or cataloging wizard cards at MTG search engine Scryfall




Vin LaBate

(producer, director of scripted content)

Roles: Cidra, Golden-Eyed Rikashi, Lizzie Fairweather, Eightball

Operating at roughly 40%, all day, every day; prone to forgetfulness, hyper-focus, and intermittent whimsy; self-taught podcast editor; writer (theoretically); was probably a dog in another life; will probably be one again.






Braden Lamb

(artistic director)

Roles: Dang, Brother Balmo, Zani, Miw

Braden Lamb is a comic artist and voice actor based in Salem, MA. He portrays Leon Stamatis on the audio drama Greater Boston, he is the colorist of many graphic novels including Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier, and he and his wife Shelli Paroline were the series artists for the Eisner Award-winning Adventure Time comics.






Kacey Smith

Roles: Dr. Molly Harrow, Latchkey, Elodia Rarandra, Truly Reynard

Kacey Smith is just a collection of animals in a trench coat. The parrot does most of the talking, but the dogs and cats tend to give away the game with their interjections. The sloths provide structural stability and the hamsters have extra pockets. We don’t talk about the tarantula. Collectively, the animals enjoy napping, binge watching Netflix series, staring out the window at strangers, and roleplaying with friends.

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