In the city of Greyhawk, five individuals are united by circumstance: a brewer priest, a haunted swordsman, a living relic, a caustic criminal, and a golem without a past. Their lives are about to be turned upside-down by the drawing of a single card.


The Doomed Voyage of the Five Acquaintances
The Festival of Needs


Brother Balmo

Race: Halfling

Class: Cleric (St. Wenta)

Notable Abilities: Divine healing, beer summoning, beer puns, magic dog, questionable knowledge of religion

Balmo practiced to one day take over the Barleywain family brewery until one tragic night when he accidentally slew his frenemy in a bar fight. The Sheriff made an example of him and sentenced Balmo to death. While waiting for the gallows, a traveling holy man offered another path: life service to the Church. Balmo agreed and joined the Brother at the Western Wind; a hostel, brewery, and monastery of the Order of St. Wenta. Though he had to renounce his family inheritance he was able to employ his brewing skills here, and his rambunctious tendencies were tempered with patience and compassion. He gained further favor with the Church when he began performing divine miracles, a sign that he was chosen by their patron deity. Mother Worton, head of the Order, therefore selected Balmo to track down one of the Order’s lost relics: the Tankard of St. Wenta.




Race: Human

Class: Swordmage

Notable Abilities: Master swordsman, accomplished magic-user, wielder of the blade Larendengjo, feelings

A nomad, a swordmage, and a lonely man, driven to search the world for the woman who haunts his dreams – Kallista. He’s picked up a little bit of everything along his travels, and always makes time to listen to a story. He’s in no hurry, for he does not know where this path will lead next, but he can never stop for long before she calls for him again. Maybe one day Sarsemion will be able to return home, but it won’t be today.




Race: Unique Golem-like Construct (Shardmind)

Class: Psion/Battlemind

Notable Abilities: Telepathy, teleportation, compartmentalized personality, legendary artifact

A golem whose core components are five shards of magical crystal, Latchkey was assembled and given life by the illustrious Warnes Starcoat, renowned mage of the city of Greyhawk. As each crystal was once a part of a powerful magical artifact, Latchkey is not so much one consciousness as five timesharing a single body.

Disinterested in a life of obedient servitude, they soon left the home of their maker and set out to shape an independent life for themself in the city. They have been learning about the world and trying to make their place in it for about six years and had no intention of leaving Greyhawk anytime soon. That is until a request from beyond the grave sends Latchkey on a voyage to an unfamiliar land in search of a murderer…




Race: Relicfolk (Warforged)

Class: Sorceror

Notable Abilities: Fire manipulation, rad tats, narcotic crystal hookup, and a fascination with the behavior of small mammals

Ashlar (“Ash” to his friends) is one of the Relicfolk, a group of ancient golems left over from an even more ancient civilization. Ash’s oldest memory is being dug out of the dirt by infamous explorer Arkady Anchorshot, and something around his third or fourth was deciding to leave Stormreach and set out on his own. Since journeying to Greyhawk City, he’s been content to crush crystals, add to his cloisonné tattoo collection, and run a moderately successful store for magic miscellany. But then a grudging family duty left him with no choice but to journey home one more time….



Golden-Eyed Rikashi

Race: Dragonborn (Black)

Class: Rogue

Notable Abilities: Face-shifting, spider-climbing, low bullshit tolerance, and acid breath

Hatched from a dragon egg and raised by a crime lord, Golden-Eyed Rikashi (legally “Onyx Rikashi”) has lived a life of equal parts duty, debauchery, and betrayal, and she is Over It–just not interested in the entire concept of adventure, or obligation, or the social contract, or really labor of any appreciable variety.

Unfortunately, sometimes the call to adventure is accompanied by the looming threat of further incarceration.


Greyhawk is one of the oldest and most convoluted D&D campaign settings, and Misplaced seeks to scavenge as many odd and interesting lore nuggets from it as possible.


Misplaced is played using a highly modified version of 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons, in which players are able to select abilities from other classes and races to create unique combinations.