Who will you find

on The Chimera?

THE CHIMERA is an actual play RPG podcast that brings you strange fiction across a variety of genres and game systems.

We specialize in creating strange, unusual, and unlikely characters (demonic bellhops, golems built from the remains of legendary artifacts, living financial instruments, werewolf gym coaches, etc.), and then tailoring the mechanics and the world to make them work.


Inspired by off-the-wall cosmic superhero stories like Guardians of the Galaxy, Starjammers, Infinity Watch, and New Gods, The Old Bones follows the adventured of a crew of interstellar misfits (an obsessive scientist, a heretical cat-man, a disgraced lawyer/mech pilot, a bodyguard with a checkered past, and a living financial instrument) as they careen around the galaxy chasing the unknown–all while pursued by a heavily-armed law firm, a murderous chinchilla, various inscrutable space gods, razor-filled zombie slimes, and a mysterious financial holding company.



System: Dungeons & Dragons, 4th Edition (heavily modified)

Set in the venerable campaign world of Greyhawk, Misplaced is the story of five loose aquaintances who don’t realize they’re in a Lost homage until the end of the first episode.

Can the haunted swordsman, the brewer priest, the caustic criminal, the living relic, and the golem without a past uncover the secrets of the Isle of Dread before they accidentally bring about the end of the world and/or get their minds devoured by a moss monster from beyond the stars?



Gallows Hill

System: Storyteller/World of Darkness (mixed editions)

Whether in spite of its reputation or because of it, the city of Salem, Massachusetts has become a sanctuary for a diverse and eccentric array of supernatural individuals. In order to maintain the illusion of normalcy for the mortal population, a commission has been appointed to deal with incidents that threaten to raise public awareness.

Now it falls to an earnest werewolf, a skittish fairy, a brash vampire, a witch from another era, and an imperious mummified cat to get over their differences and keep the peace, lest their whole society come apart at the seams.

Side Games

The House of Black Lanterns

System: Simple world (an apocalypse world hack)

Sometimes you get the idea to do a workplace sitcom spinoff of your Dungeons & Dragons game, and you just do it?

In an extra-planar casino where guests can gamble away their very souls, the staff must juggle the rigors of hospitality, the esoteric demands of forces they cannot entirely comprehend, and the constant risk that them might end up discorporated, petrified, transubstantiated, or worse–all while wearing a smile!